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april 2007

Our meeting on the 23rd April was a talk by Karen Kenny of Suffolk Radio on “Companion Planting”.  This was a very interesting subject, put over in an entertaining way by Karen, an excellent speaker.  She had lots of tips such as getting rid of ground elder, controlling white and black fly, and even protecting hostas by planting lettuces around them.  This works on the assumption that the snails and slugs will eat the lettuces first, so that they are full and then they go home, leaving your prize hostas alone, instead of like net curtaining!

Another tip when trying to grow brassicas of any description was to intersperse the plants with plants such as tomatoes or fennel – this works on the basis of confusing the cabbage white butterfly by disguising the smell of the cabbages, sprouts, cauliflowers, etc.    Karen stressed that nature is a wonderful thing and many old fashioned gardeners knew how to control pests and diseases naturally, rather than using chemical treatments straight away. 

She was warmly thanked by Stan Bates.

Our meeting on the 14th May is a Coffee Evening and Bring and Buy Sale.  This begins at 7.30 p.m. in the W.I. Hall.  Everyone is very welcome.

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Wickhambrook Horticultural Society

Monday 26th February
The next Horticultural Society meeting will be on Monday 26th February at 7.30pm in the WI Hall.  Garden Bugs: Cohabit, Conserve or Control - A presentation by Dr Ian Bedford (Head of Entomology), John Innes Research Institute, Norwich, everyone welcome.

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Our Annual Membership is 5, with meetings costing 1 to members and 2 to non-members. We would love to see some new members and you can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

Subscriptions are payable to the Treasurer each January.

Our talks usually last for about an hour and then we have a chat with other members whilst enjoying tea/coffee and biscuits. The talks cover a range of different aspects of gardening and our programme is planned to provide something of interest to each and everyone of us.

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