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Wickhambrook Horticultural Society Reports

Flower Show Day is always a very busy, hectic day for all the committee members of the Horticultural Society.  The Hall is open from 8 o'clock in the morning so that the people who are entering exhibits can come along and bring their produce, flowers, cookery, handicrafts, etc.

Therefore, from a very early hour, the Hall is abuzz with people arranging their flowers for the flower arranging classes, their soft fruit, and their pot plants, etc, etc, etc.

Then at 10 o’clock, the different judges arrive and the hall is empty, apart from the judges and the stewards who go round with them.  The judges normally finish their various jobs around 12 o'clock, hoping that they have not upset too many people by their decisions!!

The Stewards then usually have an hour to have a quick look around the field, or get something to eat, or put their feet up for a short time, before the Hall opens for the public at 2 o'clock.  That is the time that the public can come in and see if their exhibits are prizewinners, or indeed if they have not put anything into the Show to have a look at all the things on display - the splendid cookery, the wonderful handicrafts as well as all the gardening exhibits.  Also, well worth a look, are the children from Wickhambrook School's exhibits.  They always provide a super array of items and pictures that they have made in the classroom, and this was really brilliant this year.

Their display of artwork ranged from medieval castles to fantasy shoes also paintings illustrating rainbows and healthy eating.

There were items of pottery colourfully decorated and animal and balloon collages from the oldest pupils inspired by a literacy project. It was very much admired by all visitors who appreciated seeing the children’s fine efforts.

Many thanks to all the schoolchildren (and teachers) for providing this display.

The Flower Arrangements were, once again, beautiful they looked so impressive and in keeping with the title of the particular exhibit.  Therefore, thanks to the ladies who did these exhibits.  In fact, many thanks for all who exhibited as, we cannot put on a Flower Show, without people bringing along their exhibits.

Then at 5 o’clock, it was time for the prizes to be presented and the raffle to be drawn, people start collecting their exhibits and suddenly the Hall is empty, apart from the tables, etc. which need to be cleared away.  Therefore, we come to the end of the Flower Show Day for another year.  All the helpers exhausted, relieved that everything went well and more than ready for a lovely cup of tea and to take their shoes off.

Banksian Medal (most prize money in horticultural classes) S Plumpton
Badmondisfield Cup (highest number of points in fruit and veg classes) S Plumpton
Bailey Sweet Pea Cup (best collection) R and R Smart
Helen Long Trophy (lady gaining most points in horticultural classes) Lady Rowland
Clopton Cup (best four rose blooms) J Honeyball
Victory Cup (best exhibit children’s section) Jessica Farrow
Flewitt Rose Bowl (most points in floral arrangement classes) Mrs Angela Cross and Mrs L Plumpton
Elizabeth Rolfe Cup (best floral arrangement) Mrs Thelma Farrow
Aitken Silver Cup (most points in cookery and crafts classes) Mrs Joyce Draycott and / Miss Janet King
Ivy Hicks Trophy (most points for under 14 years of age)  Jessica Farrow
Crystal Fruit Bowl (most points in fruit classes) A Day and S Plumpton
Mapey Rose Bowl (resident with most points) A Farrow
W I Shield (best exhibit in Class 80 sponsored by Wickhambrook W.I.) Mrs Margaret Carpenter
A Trophy (best exhibit handicraft section) Miss Janet King
Genesis Green Cup (best collection of vegetables) S Plumpton
Flower Garden William and Nancy King Cup (best kept flower garden) Mrs Daphne Bates
Giffords Cup A Day
Diplomas of excellence awarded by the Worshipful Company of Gardeners
Collection of Fruit A Day
Collection of Vegetables S Plumpton
Floral Art Mrs Thelma Farrow

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Wickhambrook Horticultural Society

Monday 26th February
The next Horticultural Society meeting will be on Monday 26th February at 7.30pm in the WI Hall.  Garden Bugs: Cohabit, Conserve or Control - A presentation by Dr Ian Bedford (Head of Entomology), John Innes Research Institute, Norwich, everyone welcome.

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Members Information

Our Annual Membership is 5, with meetings costing 1 to members and 2 to non-members. We would love to see some new members and you can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

Subscriptions are payable to the Treasurer each January.

Our talks usually last for about an hour and then we have a chat with other members whilst enjoying tea/coffee and biscuits. The talks cover a range of different aspects of gardening and our programme is planned to provide something of interest to each and everyone of us.

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