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Rural South SNT provide a wealth of information for helping to prevent and solve crime within Wickhambrook and the surrounding areas.  You can find out how to become a member of Neighbourhood Watch, find out contact details and also check whether there are any crime updates you need to know about by visiting the crime report updates information page for the latest news on crime in our area.

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Are you aware of the Community Intelligence Hotline? It's a voicemail facility based in the Area Intelligence Unit. Information can be left anonymously regarding criminal activity or anti-social behaviour. 01284 774029 The number has been introduced as part of the Intelligence Initiative.

Anglian Water advise us that their members of staff NEVER ask for access to premises.  They have a bogus caller helpline - if in doubt call Anglian Water - freefone 0800 145145.

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SNT News

St Edmundsbury Rural South Safer Neighbourhood Team
Priority Setting Meeting Report
Tuesday 9th September 2014

Our three priorities set at the last meeting on 10th June were as follows:

• Address speeding at various times in the villages of Wickhambrook, Lidgate & Clare.

• Anti-social behaviour issues around the area of HMP Highpoint South in Stradishall.

• Reduce the number of burglaries throughout the Rural South area.

Speeding: The results from the speed checks carried out in the above villages are as follows:

Wickhambrook – 13 checks conducted 3 fixed penalty tickets, 7 speed awareness courses issued and 3 verbal warnings given. 1 motorist was also reported for summons, due to exceeding 50mph.

• Lidgate – 7 checks conducted and 4 fixed penalty tickets issued.

• Clare – 16 checks conducted 6 fixed penalty tickets, 6 speed awareness courses issued and 3 verbal warnings given. In addition to our priority villages we have also conducted speed checks in the following villages:-

• Stoke-By-Clare – 4 checks conducted and 2 verbal warnings given.

• Chedburgh – 3 checks conducted. No tickets, courses or verbal warnings issued.

• Whepstead – 2 checks conducted. No tickets, courses or verbal warnings issued.

• Hawstead – 2 checks conducted. No tickets, courses or verbal warnings issued.

• Static speed checks have been conducted by PCSO's in various villages throughout the area.

Community Speed Watch:

Our Community Speed Watch teams have also been very proactive as always.

Since the last priority meeting there has been a total of 161 letters sent out to speeding motorists as a result of the work of our Community Speed Watch Teams in the area.

We currently have schemes up and running in Cavendish, Thurlow, Cowlinge, Bradley, Stoke By Clare, Whepstead, & Lidgate with Withersfield and Hawstead on the verge of being setup also.

A big thank you to all those volunteers involved for continuing to provide a visible presence in their respective villages and help tackle speeding problems.

Anti-social behaviour around HMP Highpoint:

In relation to this priority, as an SNT we have conducted 57 patrols of the area speaking with local residents and identifying any issues around the vicinity.

The main problem being reported by prison staff and local residents was the use of mini moto's by youths around the grounds of the prison.

We were able to stop and identify 2 of these youths riding around on mini motorbikes; they were both issued with section 59's for using motor vehicles in an anti-social manner, this seemed to curb the problem all together and since the issuing of these warnings we have had no further problems or reports in the area.

One youth was also encountered underage smoking; his tobacco was taken off him and suitable words of advice given.

As a team we feel that this priority has been dealt with effectively and do not see a requirement for it to continue into the next 3 month period.


The priority to reduce the number of burglaries throughout the Rural South area was kept on from the previous 3 month period. The results as a contrast are as follows:

• During the period 11th March – 10th June 2014 there was a total of 15 Burglaries reported to us. Broken down these were 4 full Burglary Dwellings and 11 Burglary other buildings (9 full and 2 attempted).

• During the period 10th June – 9th September 2014 there was a total of 16 Burglaries reported to us. Broken down these were 4 Burglary Dwellings (3 full and 1 attempted) and 12 full Burglary other buildings. As you can see there was an increase of 1 Burglary other building reported to us. Upcoming priorities for the St Eds Rural South SNT:

• With speeding an on-going concern in all villages, we will be keeping the speeding priority but changing the villages we will be paying particular attention to. If there are any representatives here who would like to put forward their village then we will welcome these suggestions and come to a decision on our chosen priority villages. If there are no suggestions as a team we would like to put forward Cavendish, Stoke-By-Clare & Whepstead.

• We have had a number of calls recently in relation to Anti-Social behaviour occurring on various farmers' fields and land throughout our patch. In particular the use of off road motor vehicles riding across crops causing damage, trespass and annoyance to the owners, and also groups of youths gathering and camping out in wooded areas lighting fires, causing minor damage and leaving excess litter lying around. We as a team would like to adopt this as an SNT priority to identify and positively deal with any issues occurring at these locations.

• Any members of the public, who would like to suggest a forthcoming priority for the team, please feel free to put your ideas forward in the group discussion.

Twitter: If you would like to keep up to date with the goings on of the St Eds Rural South Team follow us on Twitter. @PoliceHaverhill

Please consider registering with Police Direct on www.suffolk.police.uk which will enable you to receive relevant information about crime and policing issues in your area.

Please dial 999 if an immediate response is needed. It would also be helpful if you see a suspicious vehicle to note down the registration number together with any distinguishing marks and a full description of suspicious persons. By working together we can make a difference.

Please consider registering with Police Direct which will enable you to receive relevant information about crime and policing issues in your area.

The non emergency number is Rural South SNT - 101
or email Rural South SNT
Please dial 999 if immediate response needed.

If you wish to report criminal activity in your area anonymously please ring Crime Stoppers - 0800 555111.

The SNT Rural South Team

The introduction of 101 in Suffolk is part of a nationwide initiative which will see all forces adopting the number by the end of the year. It is designed to offer one easy way to contact your local police force to report non-emergency crimes, disorder or anti-social behaviour or to speak to your local police officers.

101 will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When calling 101, the system determines the caller's location and connects them to the police force covering that area. A recorded message announces which police force the caller is being connected to – and gives them a choice if they are on a boundary between two or more forces. Police call handlers in the local force contact centre will then answer the call and respond appropriately. There is also an option of speaking to an operator, if the caller wishes to contact another force.

Calls from landlines and mobile networks cost 15 pence per call, no matter what time of day or the duration of the call.

People who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired can textphone 18001 101.

The new 101 service is not for emergencies. In an emergency, people should always ring 999 for immediate police assistance.

Contact your SNT:
Dial 101 and ask for them by name or collar number.

St Edmundsbury Rural South Safer Neighburhood Team Inspector:
PETER FERRIE - (based at Haverhill Police Station)

SNT Sergeant: Sgt 1 Sarah Bartley




Rural Villages Covered:

Barnardiston, Great & Little Bradley, Brockley, Cavendish, Chedburgh, Chevington, Clare, Cowlinge, Depden, Denston, Hargrave, Hawkedon, Hawstead, Hundon, Kedington, Lidgate, Ousden, Poslingford, Rede,
Stoke-by-Clare, Stansfield, Stradishall, Great & Little Thurlow, Thurston End, Whepstead, Wickhambrook, Great & Little Wratting, Withersfield, Wixoe

The following link takes you directly to the Suffolk Constabulary Webpage where you can get all the latest news in addition to accessing your SNT's Homepage.

Suffolk Police Website = http://www.Suffolk.police.uk

SNT Officers Crime Reduction & ALO Officer:

Bernard Plume

SNT Officers Community Watch & SNT Liaison Officer (CWLO):

Diane Townsend

We are looking for Volunteers to become community contacts.  If you are interested, please take a look at this leaflet and complete the form to contact us.

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