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Wickhambrook Parish Clerk Reports

Below are listed various Reports from the Parish Clerk.

Events and News

Adobe pdf document Parish Council Agenda - Annual Parish Council Meeting

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Litter Pick
Sunday 6 November 2016 at 11.30 a.m. meet at the MSC car park
in the pavilion to collect your kit.

We hope as many of you as possible will attend to help support the wonderful work of the Firework Committee and clear up any litter in the village after the event the day before.  Come wind, rain or shine we hope to see you there! For further information please contact the Clerk :

Clerk to the Parish Council
Serendipity, Coltsfoot Green, Wickhambrook, Newmarket, Suffolk  CB8 8UW
Tel: 01440 821861
Email: parishclerk@wickhambrook.org

Facebook - for more news and information, please visit our Parish Council Facebook page

Mary Evans

Cllr Mary Evans
News and Information

General news and latest information from Cllr Mary Evans on County Council affairs and general matters - take a look

Parish Council meetings in 2016

All Parish Council meetings are held, once a month, on Thursdays at 7.30 pm in the MSC Pavilion (at the rear of the Main Hall). Any member of the public can attend any meeting.

Dates for 2016 are as follows:
Thursdays 21st January, 25th February, 31st March, 28th April, Annual Parish Meeting - 12th May, Annual Parish Council Meeting - May 26th, 30th June, 28th July, 25th August, 29th September, 27th October and 24th November.

Estates Committee meetings in 2016

All Estates Committee meetings are held on Thursdays of every second month in the MSC Pavilion. Any member of the public can attend.

Dates for 2016 are as follows:
Thursdays 11th February, 14th April, 16th June, 18th August, 13th October and Monday 5th December.

Keep up to date with Parish matters by reading the Parish Council notice boards at Thorns Corner and at Clopton Park, looking at Wickhambrook website, making use of the Wickhambrook page on Facebook or by reading the Parish Council notes in the 'Scene'. If you need any further information contact any councillor (details on neighbouring notice) or the Clerk on 01440 821861 or parishclerk@wickhambrook.org.

Village Notices

Winner of Biscuit Barrel Award

Winner of the 2016 - Val Orange winner of the Alf Hicks Biscuit Barrel Award

Valerie Orange, the recipient of the Alf Hicks Biscuit Barrel award 2016. 

Valerie has been President of the WI and was a committee member for many years, she now handles WI press and publicity. She is caretaker at the URC and is also the village correspondent which means that anything in the newspapers is down to her.  Valerie recently retired from being a Higher learning Teaching Assistant at Wickhambrook Primary School but is still very involved in village life. The presentation was made at the Annual Parish Meeting on 12 May 2016

The right for Parish Councils to sell electricity
Currently local authorities have the power to sell electricity from local power generation schemes but Parish and Town Councils do not. There is a proposal under the Sustainable Communities Act asking that the Government allows Parish and Town Councils the right to sell electricity they generate from local schemes. Wickhambrook Parish Council supports this proposal but before responding there has to be evidence of local consultation. If you have any comments please contact the Clerk, or leave a message on 01440 821861 or parishclerk@wickhambrook.org.

Grit Heaps
During recent winters the help in spreading salt/grit and clearing snow and ice from pavements was greatly appreciated. We want to build on this support so we are prepared for the severe weather during the coming winter. We hope that those that have assisted in the past will continue to do so and that those who have not yet participated will consider their involvement this winter. In past winters the public were concerned that if they helped to clear snow they may have been liable for third party claims. Suffolk County Council can confirm that anyone who clears snow from outside their own or someone else's property would only be liable for an accident if their efforts actually made the pavement less safe than it was with the snow and ice undisturbed and as a result somebody is injured. Where Town and Parish Councils keep a list of the names of their volunteers then these people would then be covered under the terms of the County Council's insurances for public liabilities.

If you are able to volunteer please contact Clerk to the Parish Council, 01440 821861.

Save money and be more green - without any costs or hassle
As well as being available to businesses, the rent a roof scheme is also available to village halls, community centres and other organisations - read more information here

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Current Report - July/August 2016

Annual Parish Meeting

Our Annual Parish Meeting took place on 12 May this year. Although Chaired and attended by the Parish Councillors it is primarily a meeting for the village, a platform for reports and reflections on the previous twelve months. PC Darren Marshall gave a detailed report on behalf of the Haverhill Safer Neighbourhood Team and Tracey Stephenson the Booking Manager for the MSC hall updated us on the use of the hall and future plans. Councillors Jane Midwood and Julian Wilson talked about Wickhambrook Primary school and the Community Land Trust respectively, and the meeting included a look back on the period from our Vice Chairman, Councillor Kate Sammons. A financial report from the Clerk was clearly a high spot in the evening! To be serious though as Parishioners you are entitled to know what the funding received is being spent on and what additions and improvements in the village you can expect to see. It is also the evening that the Alf Hicks Biscuit Barrel award is presented, more on that later in this article.

I hope my description of the meeting has adequately described the importance and interest it should hold for the inhabitants of Wickhambrook and yet it was not well attended. Please look out for next year's date which will be published towards the end of the year and put it in your dairies. I will be sending out notification of the date to all the local clubs and societies and I am sure the reports on the next twelve month period will be both enlightening and entertaining.

Tackling the problem of dog fouling

As reported in the last edition of the Scene, Mark Christie from St Edmundsbury Borough Council attended the meeting of the Parish Council Estates Committee to discuss preventative measures used in the County to deter the nuisance of dog fouling in public places. The Committee was able to report a good response to the measures put in place in the parish which has led to our village being used as a case study to help other Parish Councils reduce this problem.

The bag dispensers at the recreation ground are regularly re-filled and the bins emptied, however there are still cases of dog waste being left in bags in the hedgerows. With regard to bags of dog waste being left, it is still an offence although once bagged it is a littering offence that the person is committing by leaving the bag hanging or left somewhere other than in a bin. If there is no bin specifically for these bags any litter bin can be used. The Parish Council will keep trying to get the 'bag it bin it' message to everyone but if you have been responsible and picked up you do not need to find a red bin please use the other litter bins to keep our village dog fouling free.

The Alf Hicks Biscuit Barrel Award

This year the award went to Mrs Valerie Orange who is awarded the crystal biscuit barrel to keep for one year together with a certificate as a lasting record. Valerie has been President of the WI and was a committee member for many years, she now handles WI press and publicity. She is caretaker at the URC and is also the village correspondent which means that anything in the newspapers is down to her. Valerie recently retired from being a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant at Wickhambrook Primary School but is still very involved in village life. The Councillors were very pleased to unanimously endorse the nomination and the presentation was made at the Annual Parish Meeting on 12 May 2016.

There is more information about the Alf Hicks award, how it came to be given to the parish and what it represents, on the village website - see it here.

Public Footpaths

We are lucky in Wickhambrook to have a network of public footpaths from which we can view our beautiful countryside whilst taking exercise and staying fit! Many of the signs indicating these routes are not in situ but lying in the fields and verges which makes it difficult to follow the rights of way and also looks untidy. Our Footpaths Officer, Roger Medley, has been busy reporting these damaged signs to hopefully get them re-installed. If you have a sign requiring attention near you please email parishclerk@wickhambrook.org with as much information as you can give regarding the location to enable this to be passed to the Footpaths Officer.

Local Contractors and Parish Council Projects

Whilst being aware of the 'best value' duty the Parish Council always invites local contractors to quote and be included in the selection process for new and existing projects and on many occasions find that a local person will in fact be the best value. You only have to peruse the many advertisements further on in The Scene to appreciate the wealth of skill and diversity of the small businesses and self-employed local people. Our current Grounds Maintenance Contractors, a local firm, are an example of this, looking after the village greens and open spaces already they have now been awarded the contract to prepare the disused area of the cemetery ready for planning a Memorial Garden as a quiet place for rest and remembrance. The Parish Council Estates Committee have submitted a bid to the Tesco Groundworks fund to try and achieve a financial award to move the project on – let us hope we are successful as it would be a wonderful place for local people and visitors from further afield to be able to sit and remember.
An update on another bid mentioned in the last edition of The Scene is that we were successful in obtaining wild flower seed kits through the 'Grow Wild' scheme sponsored by the National Lottery. These have been passed to the Attleton Green working party and we look forward to hearing news of the progress the green improvements are making.

Vehicle Activated Signs

Our thanks to Councillor John Barton OBE, who has contributed an article with further information regarding the vehicle activated signs in the village as follows:

Latest Data collected from Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS)
As readers will note from the figures which follow, a high percentage of vehicle activations are in excess of the 30mph limit, these figures will of course be lost on non-village residents who travel through the village, it is hoped however that village residents will take heed and reduce their speed as police camera activity in the area will increase accordingly.

Traffic Report from 04/04/2016 to 18/04/2016
Ashfield Green – Hargrave bound
85th Percentile Speed = 37.8 mph
85th Percentile Vehicles = 4,780 counts
Max Speed = 60.0 mph on 08/04/2016 07:05:00
Total Vehicles = 5,624 counts

Traffic Report from 20/03/2016 to 04/04/2016
Near School - Lidgate bound
85th Percentile Speed = 38.4 mph
85th Percentile Vehicles = 14,689 counts
Max Speed = 75.0 mph on 23/03/2016 23:10:00
Total Vehicles = 17,281 counts

Traffic Report from 4/18/2016 to 5/4/2016
Near School – Stradishall bound
85th Percentile Speed = 34.1 mph
85th Percentile Vehicles = 17,053 counts
Max Speed = 70.0 mph on 4/29/2016 11:50:00 PM
Total Vehicles = 20,062 counts

Traffic Report From 04/05/2016 to18/05/2016
Ashfield Green - Wickhambrook bound
85th Percentile Speed = 41.8 mph
85th Percentile Vehicles = 4,835 counts
Max Speed = 65.0 mph on 04/05/2016 12:00:00
Total Vehicles = 5,688 counts

Litter Pick Diary Date!

The next litter pick to keep our village looking pristine is the day after the Carnival i.e. Sunday 10 July, time to be confirmed so please look on the website and Parish Council noticeboard for further news.

Annual Parish Council Meeting

This took place on 26 May and I am able to confirm the elected Chairman as Councillor Paul Couzens, to be supported by Vice Chairman, Councillor Kate Sammons. The Parish Council Estates committee was re-elected and the representatives that risk assess areas in the village on a regular basis, such as the playgrounds and greens, have all agreed to continue with their tasks.

Parish Council meetings

The dates for the next two meetings on Thursdays are 28 July and 25 August. The next Estates committee meeting will be held on Thursday 18 August. All meetings begin at 7.30 p.m. and are open for everyone to attend so please come along, bring up any topic you wish in the open session of the meeting or just 'put names to faces'!

Recent Planning Applications
Recent planning applications considered by the Parish Council over the last six weeks.
DC/16/0720/HH 49 Nunnery Green. 2 metre high close boarded fence.
DC/16/0771/LB Lane Cottage, Coltsfoot Green. Repaint off white with green woodwork.
Decisions made by St Edmundsbury Council over the last eight weeks.
DC/0532/HH Meadowbrook, The Duddery, Wickhambrook two storey front extension plus double garage. Approved.

Sonya Thorburn 
Wickhambrook Parish Clerk

Previous Reports

General Information

Correspondence for the Parish Council should be sent to
Coltsfoot Green
Suffolk. CB8 8UW.
(if you wish to correspond directly with one of the Parish Councillors, then please contact the Clerk for details).

The Parish Council invite you to report problems such as potholes, verges and hedges.

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- Audit Conclusion Notice 2015/2016
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