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Below are listed various Reports from the Parish Clerk.

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Litter Pick
Sunday 6 November 2016 at 11.30 a.m. meet at the MSC car park
in the pavilion to collect your kit.

We hope as many of you as possible will attend to help support the wonderful work of the Firework Committee and clear up any litter in the village after the event the day before.  Come wind, rain or shine we hope to see you there! For further information please contact the Clerk :

Clerk to the Parish Council
Serendipity, Coltsfoot Green, Wickhambrook, Newmarket, Suffolk  CB8 8UW
Tel: 01440 821861
Email: parishclerk@wickhambrook.org

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Mary Evans

Cllr Mary Evans
News and Information

General news and latest information from Cllr Mary Evans on County Council affairs and general matters - take a look

Parish Council meetings in 2016/17

All Parish Council meetings are held, once a month, on Thursdays at 7.30 pm in the MSC Pavilion (at the rear of the Main Hall). Any member of the public can attend any meeting.

Dates for 2016 are as follows:
Thursdays 21st January, 25th February, 31st March, 28th April, Annual Parish Meeting - 12th May, Annual Parish Council Meeting - May 26th, 30th June, 28th July, 25th August, 29th September, 27th October and 24th November.

Dates for 2017 are as follows:
Thursday 19 Jan, 23 Feb, 30 March, 27 April, 25 May (Annual Parish Council), 29 June, 27 July, 31 Aug, 28 Sept, 26 Oct and 30 November. Annual Parish meeting Thursday 18 May 2017

Estates Committee meetings in 2016/17

All Estates Committee meetings are held on Thursdays of every second month in the MSC Pavilion. Any member of the public can attend.

Dates for 2016 are as follows:
Thursdays 11th February, 14th April, 16th June, 18th August, 13th October and Monday 5th December.

Dates for 2017 are as follows:
Thursday 9 Feb, 13 April, 8 June, 10 Aug, 12 Oct and Monday 4 December

Keep up to date with Parish matters by reading the Parish Council notice board at Thorns Corner, looking at Wickhambrook website, making use of the Wickhambrook page on Facebook or by reading the Parish Council notes in the 'Scene'. If you need any further information contact any councillor (details on neighbouring notice) or the Clerk on 01440 821861 or parishclerk@wickhambrook.org.

Village Notices

Winner of Biscuit Barrel Award

Winner of the 2016 - Val Orange winner of the Alf Hicks Biscuit Barrel Award

Valerie Orange, the recipient of the Alf Hicks Biscuit Barrel award 2016. 

Valerie has been President of the WI and was a committee member for many years, she now handles WI press and publicity. She is caretaker at the URC and is also the village correspondent which means that anything in the newspapers is down to her.  Valerie recently retired from being a Higher learning Teaching Assistant at Wickhambrook Primary School but is still very involved in village life. The presentation was made at the Annual Parish Meeting on 12 May 2016

The right for Parish Councils to sell electricity
Currently local authorities have the power to sell electricity from local power generation schemes but Parish and Town Councils do not. There is a proposal under the Sustainable Communities Act asking that the Government allows Parish and Town Councils the right to sell electricity they generate from local schemes. Wickhambrook Parish Council supports this proposal but before responding there has to be evidence of local consultation. If you have any comments please contact the Clerk, or leave a message on 01440 821861 or parishclerk@wickhambrook.org.

Grit Heaps
During recent winters the help in spreading salt/grit and clearing snow and ice from pavements was greatly appreciated. We want to build on this support so we are prepared for the severe weather during the coming winter. We hope that those that have assisted in the past will continue to do so and that those who have not yet participated will consider their involvement this winter. In past winters the public were concerned that if they helped to clear snow they may have been liable for third party claims. Suffolk County Council can confirm that anyone who clears snow from outside their own or someone else's property would only be liable for an accident if their efforts actually made the pavement less safe than it was with the snow and ice undisturbed and as a result somebody is injured. Where Town and Parish Councils keep a list of the names of their volunteers then these people would then be covered under the terms of the County Council's insurances for public liabilities.

If you are able to volunteer please contact Clerk to the Parish Council, 01440 821861.

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Current Report - November/December 2016

Best in Borough
As this edition of The Scene covers the festive season I hope to make this report as upbeat and cheery as possible and although I have to mention the ongoing problem of dog fouling it is in a good way!  At the Parish Council meeting in August Borough Councillor Clive Pollington reported that Wickhambrook Parish Council, working together with the MSC Hall Trustees, had been highlighted as the most successfully pro-active in the St Edmundsbury Borough in the drive against dog waste.

MSC Hall
On Monday 26 September the MSC Hall kitchen was officially opened.  The Parish Council had previously made a donation towards this worthwhile project and Cllr Jane Midwood went along as the representative.  It was a very jolly occasion and a wonderful opportunity to see the marvellous result that the hard work of the trustees and supporters had produced.  Whilst writing about the MSC Trustees I hope to put right a wrong impression that I may have given in my previous report regarding the use of the car park.  The Trustees would like the situation clarified to the effect that it is private land owned by the MSC for use by patrons of the MSC and therefore any organised activities wishing to use it must make this arrangement in advance with the Trustees.  I wish to apologise if my last report gave an incorrect view.  On a different note the photograph of the Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday celebration was presented to the Hall Manager, Vince Harvey by Cllr Jane Midwood at the Parish Council meeting in August for display in the Hall.

Update on three of the Parish Greens

Attleton Green, Coltsfoot Green and Moor Green have all recently received attention.  Please see report by Estates Committee Lay member Ian Spencer on the sterling efforts undertaken by the volunteer working party at Attleton Green in the next paragraph.  Coltsfoot Green has had the pond cleared and enlarged by a local contractor to help with drainage in the area.  Once the plants have re-established themselves it should also be a nice feature at the rear of the Green.  Moor Green has undergone radical work with hedges cut right back to re-claim the Green, now maintained by two Lay members Julian Girling and Roger Merry who can be seen labouring in the photo.  Posts have been installed to protect the edge from further erosion and the surface from vehicles parking in wet conditions.  There have been many positive comments from local residents on the change to the appearance of the Green, that could have gone unnoticed before, and what a lift the white posts have given to the road generally.

Moor Green

Attleton Green Volunteers
Ian Spencer writes:
Wickhambrook has many beautiful greens but, until recently, Attleton Green really wasn’t one of them! In truth, it left a lot to be desired…

In a bid to create a natural habitat for butterflies and other insects, a large area of the Green had been left to grow wild. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned initiative had resulted in the Green becoming an unloved wilderness of weeds of nettles.

With many other natural habitats in the area, the Estates Committee readily agreed to a request from local residents to clear the Green. And, one evening in early September, the first working party met to attack the wall of weeds. After three hours, the whole area had been strimmed and, with darkness (and thirst) setting in, we retired to the red wine.

Alcohol probably explains why we forgot to take any pictures. However, the next day, the transformation was obvious. Attleton Green had been opened up and, for the first time since Spring, we could actually see the pond. Thanks to everyone who helped.

We now have plans to plant wild flowers (seeds kindly obtained by the Estates Committee) and to clear the pond of self-seeded saplings. If any readers would like to help us, you would be most welcome. We can promise plenty of good company, healthy exercise and liquid nourishment!

Volunteers please contact Ian Spencer (01440 821717)

Cemetery Memorial Garden
By the time this edition of The Scene is published the voting for the Tesco Groundworks grant will have closed and the amount to be donated to this project will be announced at the end of November.  The Estates Committee is excited that their bid has been accepted and some funding will definitely be received enabling the planning stage of the garden to start now that the area has been cleared.  More news to follow early next year.

Litter Pick
A reminder please that the next litter pick is Sunday 6 November at 11.30 a.m.  We hope to see as many of you as possible and we also hope for good weather – kit to be collected from the pavilion at the MSC Hall where you will sign in and let us know the area you wish to visit.  There are many safe locations away from the roads that families who are able to attend with young children can be allocated.

Recent Planning Applications
Recent planning applications considered by the Parish Council over the last six weeks:

DC/16/1704/FUL Park Gate Barn, Ousden Road.  Two storey front extension and link extension. No objections

DC/16/1649/HH Glebe House, Church Road.  Single storey rear extension, two storey front extension and side porch. No objections 

DC/16/1852/VAR Keswick, Ousden Road.  Variation to existing planning 3 bay cart lodge to replace garage. No objections 

Decisions made by St Edmundsbury Council over the last eight weeks: 

DC/16/1096/HH The New House, Coltsfoot Green.  Extension to garage to provide an annexe. Approved 

DC/16/1530/HH 9 Bury Road. Single storey rear extension.  Approved

Parish Council meetings
The date for the next meeting is Thursday 24 November.  The next Estates committee meeting will be held on Monday 5 December.  All meetings begin at 7.30 p.m. and are open for everyone to attend.

And finally……………………
A Christmas and New Year message from your Parish Council made up of eight residents of the parish who give up their time on a completely voluntary basis to assist and represent us all.  Chairman Cllr P Couzens, Vice Chairman Cllr K Sammons, Cllr J Barton, Cllr J Claydon, Cllr K Merritt, Cllr J Midwood, Cllr J Walker, Cllr J Wilson.

“Wickhambrook Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during 2016 and look forward to exciting new projects and completing existing ones in 2017.  As this edition of The Scene covers November and December we would like to send our good wishes to everyone. We hope you enjoy the festive season and have a peaceful New Year.”

Sonya Thorburn 
Wickhambrook Parish Clerk

Previous Reports

General Information

Correspondence for the Parish Council should be sent to
Coltsfoot Green
Suffolk. CB8 8UW.
(if you wish to correspond directly with one of the Parish Councillors, then please contact the Clerk for details).

The Parish Council invite you to report problems such as potholes, verges and hedges.

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