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Wickhambrook Parish Council
GET FITTER PICK LITTER – or here we go again!

It is the first of three litter picks held in Wickhambrook each year organised by Wickhambrook Parish Council and the date is Sunday 4 March 2018 at 10.30 a.m. - meet in the pavilion attached to the MSC Hall
This litter pick is part of………..
The Great British Spring Clean: Join thousands of others taking part on the weekend of 2-4 March and help clean up our country.’
Hope to see you on Sunday 4 March at 10.30 a.m.!
The usual refreshments will be available afterwards for those deserving participants!

For further information please contact the Clerk on 01440 821861 or email parishclerk@wickhambrook.org

Facebook - for more news and information, please visit our Parish Council Facebook page

Mary Evans

Cllr Mary Evans
News and Information

General news and latest information from Cllr Mary Evans on County Council affairs and general matters - take a look

Parish Council meetings in 2018

All Parish Council meetings are held, once a month, on Thursdays at 7.30 pm in the MSC Pavilion (at the rear of the Main Hall). Any member of the public can attend any meeting.

Dates for 2018 are as follows:
Thursday Thursday 18 Jan, 22 Feb, 29 March, 26 April, 31 May (Annual Parish Council), 28 June, 26 July, 30 Aug, 27 Sept, 25 Oct and 29 November. Annual Parish meeting Thursday 10 May 2018

Estates Committee meetings in 2018

All Estates Committee meetings are held on Thursdays of every second month in the MSC Pavilion. Any member of the public can attend.

Dates for 2017 are as follows:
Thursday 8 Feb, 12 April, 14 June, 9 Aug, 11 Oct and Monday 3 December

Keep up to date with Parish matters by reading the Parish Council notice board at Thorns Corner, looking at Wickhambrook website, making use of the Wickhambrook page on Facebook or by reading the Parish Council notes in the 'Scene'. If you need any further information contact any councillor (details on neighbouring notice) or the Clerk on 01440 821861 or parishclerk@wickhambrook.org.

Village Notices

Bury Road playground
The small playground on Bury Road in the Clopton area has been the responsibility of Havebury Housing. Havebury does not have the expertise within the organisation to check and maintain the play equipment on a regular basis and have suggested that the small fenced area be gifted to the Parish Council.

New equipment, swings, a rocker cum see saw and safety tiling, has been installed and a RoSPA certificate has been issued. The handover will take place in the near future.

We need someone who lives locally to inspect the area on a regular basis, say once a week, and note if there is anything of concern. If that person is willing to give a verbal report at the Estates Meeting, held on a Tuesday every second month, so much the better. The next meetings are on 10th April and 12th June. Monthly playground inspections will be carried out by Borough staff and an annual visit will be made by an independent professional. Any volunteers? Please contact the Parish Clerk on 01440 821861 if you are willing to give it a try.

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January/February 2017

Looking back……
Before reporting on the Parish Council's hopes and aspirations for this New Year 2017 we must cover some events that took place at the end of last year:

The autumn litter pick saw a hardy band of volunteers turn out on what was not the warmest of November mornings to clear our village of litter, leaving a pristine Wickhambrook for the jollities of the festive season. The firework committee had done a wonderful job of clearing the recreation field but there was still a few remnants found by our eagle eyed group. The other areas covered included the cemetery and roads leading to Attleton, Coltsfoot and Genesis Greens as well as the whole Nunnery Green area, Bunters Road and around the school and a good number of bags were filled and left for collection at the MSC Hall. One volunteer had so enjoyed the fireworks that this led him to report for duty the next day to assist with the litter pick. I think everyone would agree it was a marvellous 5th November display and not surprisingly had this effect! Very many thanks to everyone who supported the litter pick – families and individuals alike - and again a very special thank you to Barbara Merritt who provided hot drinks and biscuits once the bags had been filled!

The Parish Council meeting at the end of October saw the previous Clerk, Mr Roger Medley, receive a gift of vouchers which was presented by long-standing Councillor Jeff Claydon. Cllr Claydon had held the office of Chair of Wickhambrook Parish Council during the time that Roger was Clerk and was able to recall many amusing episodes that occurred during this period as well as commending Roger for his professionalism and dedication to the Parish. A round of applause followed from all the Councillors who look forward to continuing to work with Roger who is currently the appointed Footpaths Officer.

In the previous edition of The Scene a photograph of Roger Merry and Julian Girling was printed showing them tackling the briars at the recently improved Moor Green. Julian is the Tree Warden for the Parish Council and as such inspects all the trees on the greens and also the trees on the 'Six Acres' and the Bury Road playground. Roger inspects the playground equipment on the recreational field each week and submits a report to the Parish Council in addition to the monthly report requisitioned by the Borough Council. Recently it was noted that the ground had formed a dip at the entrance gate and Roger (assisted by another Lay member - Andy Harris) has infilled and put grass mats down to prevent this erosion happening again. Just one of the many tasks the Councillors and Lay members of the Estates Committee fulfil.
Remembrance Sunday is always a special day at the cemetery, a poignant service was well-attended with the memorial the focal point bearing the names of those lost in the two World Wars. It is a wonderful location on the rise of the hill, the spruced up memorial amidst the beautifully kept grounds of the cemetery and not a fallen leaf to be seen thanks to the work of the contractors. Parish Councillor Julian Wilson laid a wreath of poppies on behalf of the Parish Council at the end of a very moving service conducted by Reverend Singleton. We are lucky in Wickhambrook to have this occasion to remember those who not only were lost but also others who served and have now, sadly, passed away.

Moving on………
Thank you to everyone who visited the Tesco store at Haverhill and popped their blue token in the box marked 'Wickhambrook Memorial Garden' during the voting period for projects that have been chosen to receive a grant from the 5p per carrier bag levy fund. I managed three visits but the competition was fierce as two other very worthy causes, a playground and a conservation project, attracted many of the votes. The Parish Council Facebook page is managed by Mr Soren Bradbury who did a great job reminding everyone to head to Haverhill. As The Scene goes to press we are still waiting to hear the amount our project will receive but we have already started planning the Memorial Garden and are hoping to incorporate some benches and other items currently stored in the Chapel along with new additions.

The small playground on the Bury Road at Clopton is now under the care of the Parish Council and the rather tired fencing has now been replaced to make it a safer area for children to use. The Councillors hope it will be a place of fun for youngsters for whom the larger playground at the recreation field would be quite a long trip. Safety signs are to be displayed and a litter bin provided which should then cover all the tick boxes that the local volunteer, who inspects the playground each week on behalf of the Parish Council, has to base his report on.

Agreed dates of Parish Council meetings for 2017:
Parish Council meetings – Thursdays 19 Jan, 23 Feb, 30 March, 27 April, 25 May (Annual Parish Council), 29 June, 27 July, 31 Aug, 28 Sept, 26 Oct and 30 November.
Annual Parish meeting Thursday 18 May 2017.

Estates Committee meetings – Thursdays 9 Feb, 13 April, 8 June, 10 Aug, 12 Oct and Monday 4 December.

All meetings start at 7.30 p.m. in the pavilion at the MSC Hall and everyone is welcome to attend the meetings.

Recent Planning Applications:
Recent planning applications considered by the Parish Council over the last six weeks:

DC/16/1859/HH Ashfield Green Cottage, Ashfield Green. 3 bay cart lodge & gym above. No objections

DC/16/1395/FUL Genesis Green Stud Farm. 4 no flats. No objections.

DC/16/2070/HH 16 Bury Road. Two storey rear and side extension, double garage and front porch. No objections.

DC16/2068/FUL Land at Giffords Lane. New vehicular access. No objections.

DC/16/1927/HH Layham Place, Post Office Hill. First floor rear extension, single floor rear extensions and detached garage. No objections.

DC/16/2280/HH 37 Boyden Close. Single storey side extension. No objections.

DC/16/2275/HH Field View, Nunnery Green. Conservatory to side and rear. No objections.

Decisions made by St Edmundsbury Council over the last eight weeks:

DC/16/1704/FUL Park Gate Barn, Ousden Road. Two storey front extension and link extension. Approved.

DC/16/1649/HH Glebe House, Church Road. Single storey rear extension, two storey front extension and side porch. Approved.

DC/16/1852/VAR Keswick, Ousden Road. Variation to existing planning 3 bay cart lodge to replace garage. Approved.

DC/16/2102/PMBPA Agricultural Building, Giffords Lane. Prior approval application – change of use agricultural building to dwelling. Approved.

Sonya Thorburn 
Wickhambrook Parish Clerk

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(if you wish to correspond directly with one of the Parish Councillors, then please contact the Clerk for details).

The Parish Council invite you to report problems such as potholes, verges and hedges.

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