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17th November 2017 | Clubs, Wickhambrook W.I.


by Val Orange

It was a chilly, dark, evening as we met to discover the wonders of the astronomy BUT unfortunately it was too cloudy above to see anything of the planets or the stars and their constellations!!! Thankfully Richard Young our sky-watching expert had a slideshow of photos, taken by him of the moon, which he talked us through.

Richard from the Athenaeum Astronomical Association in Bury St Edmunds also showed members the observatory with a telescope, in situ, commissioned and built on the roof of the Athenaeum on Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds!!

Who knew that was there, none of those present! See if you can spot the green dome next time your passing by! Established in 1859 – 1860 by George Biddell Airy (1801−1892), the then Astronomer Royal under the patronage of President Lord Alfred Hervey of Ickworth, the Association is now trying to raise funds to renovate and repair the Observatory for the use of enthusiasts and paying members of the public in the future.

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