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Making Jewellery

10th January 2018 | Clubs, Wickhambrook W.I.


by Val Orange

The new W.I. Year started off with such creativity and concentration for our members thanks to Sikander Jadd and the jewelry workshop she led for us recently. The objective was a beaded bracelet, made by ourselves from scratch.

After a brief introduction from Sikander we all worked hard with her and her friend Meg’s help to attach our clasp to our very thin wire using the smallest tube crimps before adding different beads to create each unique piece. Good eyesight, even better spectacles and nimble fingers were a useful asset but not everyone was so lucky but with everyone helping each other beautiful bracelets were eventually on many wrists being much admired by all.

It was for most a stressful and tense workshop but somehow an enjoyable effort, Sikander was thanked by Dorothy Anderson on behalf of members.

W.I. Jewellery Making
W.I. Jewellery Making
Jewellery - Thelma's bracelet at W.I. Jewellery Making
W.I. Jewellery Making
Jewellery - Sakinder helping Angela at W.I. Jewellery Making

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