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Native Americans

30th January 2017 | Clubs, Local History Society


by Wickhambrook History Society

There was a good turnout at the January meeting despite the cold weather and local football on television!

Robert Burridge gave a talk on Native Americans, which covered the Indian wars, early settlers, strife between the tribes and the white men who wanted to take over the land.

We are all familiar with this period of history through films and TV series but it was timely to be reminded that ‘ man’s inhumanity to man’ is not a modern problem. The hunting of buffalo to extinction and the plight of the tribes who did not understand about the binding nature of a treaty written on a piece of paper made for sobering reflection.

This may seem a strange subject for a local history evening but three members had personal ties to it. Barrie Stevenson brought along a beautiful beaded purse which had belonged to his grandmother. These were made by the women and sold to tourists.
Antony Foreman’s Aunt Hagar and her husband (from Wickhambrook) emigrated in the 1880s and were caught up in the Indian wars.

Sikander, a new member, is an authority on all things American and craft-based.

Much discussion followed the talk.

Next month’s meeting is ‘Cakes, Ales, Partying, Feasting and Fundraising in the Middle Ages’ with Dr Kate Jewell.

This is on Tuesday 21st February in the WI hall at 7.30pm and all are welcome.

Dorothy Anderson

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