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Painting on Glass

22nd August 2016 | Clubs, Wickhambrook W.I.


by Val Orange

It was all hands on and paintbrushes to the fore at this month’s meeting as we tried painting on glass following instruction from Ann Datson, our tutor for the evening.

There was a visual presentation about the history of making glass from a probable initial accidental discovery over 3,500 years through stained glass and leaded glass designs created for church windows to the contemporary use of glass in the present days. As the congregations were mostly illiterate, the stories the windows told through the painted glass were called the “poor man’s bible”.

Taking our inspiration from Ann’s variety of work on show everyone painted their own jam jar in a unique style and design to them and some excellent work was produced. The items were taken home carefully to dry over 3 days and then cooked in the oven and cooled to obtain the finished effect.

Ann was warmly thanked for her help in giving all present a most enjoyable evening.

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