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Parish Clerk’s Report for November/December 2017

18th October 2017 | Parish Clerk Report


by Wickhambrook Parish Clerk

Litter Pick – Sunday 12 November at 10 a.m. – Meet at the MSC Hall Car Park

LIT PIC RAP (or a poem if like me you are of a certain generation!)
Grab a bag and fill it with trash
Bring it back – we won’t give you cash
A cup of tea and a biscuit or two
Is our way of saying a big ‘thank you’!

If you would like to come up with a second verse please send it to me at

The one judged to be the best will then be included in the next Clerk’s report!

Public Access Defibrillators

With the demise of the Community First Responder Group the local co-ordinator approached the Parish Council about the possible alternatives of the defibrillator machines being accessed in a different way. Discussions took place over many months to find the best solution to allow the community funded kit to be available to the village at all times. It has now been arranged that two new machines will replace the original kits with the defibrillators being placed in cabinets at two different sites in the Parish, these will be accessible by the public if emergency use is required. Discussions are ongoing as to the exact locations but they will be well spaced to allow speedy access to as many residents as possible. A supply of electricity is required together with weekly equipment checks. The Parish Council has agreed to support the financial upkeep and management of the inspections of the machines in the hope that this will be of real help to anyone near enough to benefit from the use of a defibrillator in a heart-related medical emergency.

Telephone Kiosk

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that the telephone has been removed from the kiosk outside the village shop. This is part of a nationwide scheme to remove equipment that is no longer used. The Parish Council has taken the decision to purchase the kiosk, offered for a nominal sum, as it is thought it enhances the village atmosphere and can be put to use for another purpose, yet to be decided.

VAS machine project success

‘The faster you go the quicker you will be caught’ should be the motto for the Vehicle Activated Speeding signs project operated by Cllr Barton. The data is downloaded from the machines and sent to the Police in a designated format. Cllr Barton has worked extremely closely with the Police to ensure Wickhambrook sends in data that can be clearly understood. This approach has resulted in many visits by the Police camera van to different locations in the village and this has already meant that 22 speeding drivers have been prosecuted. The Parish Council is committed to reducing speeding in the village in an effort to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors, and strongly believes fines and endorsements on driving licences are the only way of sending the message that Wickhambrook does not welcome speeding drivers.

Cllr Barton has submitted a more detailed update as follows:

VAS Update October 2017

The new VAS Unit with the ‘SLOW DOWN’ function is now up and running, The picture included in this report was taken moments after siting the unit near to the school and although the majority of vehicles approaching the sign were in the high 30s, they at least slowed down to 29 as they passed it. Only time will tell if this additional display will have the desired effect on moderating speeds through the village.

Wickhambrook VAS unit

The decision has been made to utilise this unit on the B1063 at 3 locations
1. Bunters Road
2. Near to the School, Stradishall bound
3. Approach to the school, Lidgate bound

The unit we share with Lidgate will be used on the C659 at 2 locations in Ashfield Green or at sites yet to be approved in Nunnery Green and Cemetery Road. Please bear in mind that speed camera activity is now a regular feature on both the B1063 and the C659.

At the last Parish Council Meeting on 28th September, County Cllr Mary Evans reported that recent speed camera operations within the Parish had resulted in 22 convictions for exceeding the limit. 8 of these were on Bunters Road, 6 in Ashfield Green and 8 on the A143.

Zip Wire

Wickhambrook Parish Council has planned the addition of a new piece of equipment for enjoyment and exercise in the form of a zip wire to be installed on the Six Acres recreational field. Several local villages already have this equipment and members of the Estates Committee have visited different sites speaking to the youngsters using the zip wire to gauge the popularity of such an installation. After long investigations led by Lay member Roger Merry the Parish Council has ordered a wooden framed zip wire which it is hoped will offer years of fun. It is planned that this will be installed by the end of the year depending on ground conditions.


Following the plea in the previous edition of ‘The Scene’ for owners of gardens or land that border public footpaths to trim overhanging hedges, the Footpaths Officer, Roger Medley, has reported an excellent response. Thank you to all who have taken heed and cleared the paths for walkers to enjoy.


Recent planning applications considered by the Parish Council over the last six weeks.

DC/17/1628/OUT Land Adjacent to Aldersfield Place, Ashfield Green
Dwelling and detached garage. No objection
DC/17/1708/FUL Sunset Bungalow, Meeting Green 1 Dwelling. Objection
DC/17/1721/FUL Land West of Cemetery Road. 23 Dwellings with means of access. Objection
DC/17/1185/OUT Aldersfield Place Farm, Ashfield Green
Outline planning 2 semi-detached dwellings following demolition of existing semi-detached. No objection

Decisions made by St Edmundsbury Council over the last eight weeks.

DC17/0827/FUL Easterwood Bungalow, Baxters Green
Stables, manege, front wall, driveway, gates. Approve
DC/17/1234/HH 6 Wickham House Bungalows, Giffords Lane
Detached double cartlodge. Refuse
DC/17/1239/HH Glebe House, Church Road
New garage. Approve
DC/17/1297/FUL The Hedges, Ashfield Green
1 dwelling plus detached garage following demolition of dwelling and garage. Access
alteration. Approve
DC/17/1243/HH Bramble Cottage, Wash Lane. First floor rear extension and single storey side
extension. Approve
DC/17/1130/HH. Giffords Hall, Giffords Lane
Summer house to replace DC/17/0215/HH pavilion. Approve
DC/17/1549/HH Il Tretone, Cemetery Road
Single storey side extension. Approve

Dates of next meetings

The date for the next meeting is Thursday 30 November. The next Estates committee meeting will be held on Monday 4 December. All meetings begin at 7.30 p.m.


As this edition of ‘The Scene’ covers the festive season a photo of the Chapel having had recent exterior restoration seems an appropriate addition to the Parish Council’s Christmas and New Year message to all who live in the Parish.

Wickhambrook Chapel

At this time of year when many of us reflect on the months that have passed since the previous festive season please take a moment to visit the cemetery and view the memorial garden that is in the early stages of evolving into a place of rest and contemplation. Wishing you a ‘Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year’ with very best wishes from Wickhambrook Parish Council.

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