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Reminiscing back in the 1970’s

13th February 2018 | General News


article submitted by Christine Harrod

Hello, I used to come to the Wickhambrook Community Centre back in the 1970’s, it was fantastic, you used to have groups from America I think, including disco’s every week, we had some fantastic times.  Unfortunately, I was there on what I think was the last disco night, there were too many fights and I think that is why it all ended.  I wondered if you had any information on what entertainment was on back at that time, as I would love to add some of this information to my list of “things I did” !  I could almost write a book about it!

One of my memories was the Carnival back around 1970, when you had the dodgems set up along with lots of other things, it was SO exciting!, and I stood on the edge of the “rink” with my friend Jeanette listening to “The world is just a great big onion”, at 13 years old it was like the world was our oyster!

Any information would be lovely,

Many thanks

Christine Harrod

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