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Suffolk’s Most Famous Cavalier

30th September 2017 | Clubs, Local History Society


by Wickhambrook History Society

Thomas Blague of Horringer was rightly described by John Sutton , our speaker for September, as Suffolk’s most famous cavalier. He was born at Little Horringer Hall in 1613 and his early life is a mystery. He was probably a mercenary in Europe, as his military skills were evident in his later life.

He became a Groom of the Bedchamber to Charles I and thus a confidante of the King and he also filled this role for Charles II. During the Civil War he stayed loyal to the monarchy and his speciality seems to have been in stirring up Royalist feeling, then disappearing when trouble started. This enabled him to stay alive and keep on working to restore the monarchy. He was Governor of Wallingford Castle, Colonel of a Troop of Guards, and finally he became Governor of Landguard Fort in Suffolk. He packed a lot into a short life, spying, fighting and making trouble until he was shot in the face in a skirmish in 1658. He died in 1660, possibly because of this wound, and is buried in Westminster Abbey, a sign of the esteem in which he was held by the King.

He was 47 years old, but a mistake in the carving on his memorial plaque makes this 74.

This was an interesting and informative talk by an engaging and enthusiastic speaker.

Next month’s meeting is on Tuesday 17th October at 7.30pm in the WI Hall when Dr Nick Amor will talk on ‘The Suffolk Clothier in the time of Henry VII.’

Dorothy Anderson

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