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The Trafficking of Women

13th October 2017 | Clubs, Wickhambrook W.I.


by Val Orange

Our guest this month was Pam Bowen from the Crown Prosecuting Service, based in London, but travelling around the UK, Europe and sometimes beyond in her work investigating and bringing to justice those involved in trafficking of women and modern slavery.

She outlined her portfolio responsibilities and what these involved and brought a violent, evil, disturbing world into the light most probably known by name to those present without realizing the true nature of the problems encountered. Among the squalid and dangerous she related comic, touching and heartbreaking stories from her own experiences which had us laughing and horrified in equal measure.

You had to admire Pam’s passion, determination and patience to try and improve the enforcement of present legislation while adding and improving new policies to help deal with the ever changing but unfortunately increasing situations in such a challenging environment.

She was thanked by Sue Burton Griffiths.

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