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Walk 4 – Walk to The Star Inn at Lidgate


Walk by Roger Medley

ROUTE : Leave the Car Park at Wickhambrook village hall and take the footpath on the right that runs between the playing field and the graveyard. Follow this track across a ditch and along the edge of the field (left in the corner) until you reach the road.

Turn right and after a few paces cross the road and turn left on a track beside a small green (seat on left). This leads between cottages, beside fields and then along an enclosed green lane. Follow this for some while (1.3 miles) ignoring turnings to both right and left until you reach the end of the trees (there is a hidden pond on the right) and you are forced to make a decision.

Turn left and go along a more open green lane. On reaching the road, cross, and continue along the right side of the small green at Genesis Green. There is a seat on the left if you need a breather. Re-join the road and take the left option at a fork.

This lane leads to the BT masts but you need to keep to the right of these and head down a gradually descending, and, at times, sheltered way which will eventually lead you (just over a mile) into Lidgate. This track is used by horses: the surface can be uneven particularly in winter so supportive footwear is recommended. Turn right at the road and shortly on the right you will find the Star public house.

This whole journey is just less than 4 miles and has the advantage of being mainly downhill. An extra few paces in the same direction will take you to the bus stop and the church. The latter is usually open and was built around 1250 partly of materials from Lidgate’s redundant Norman castle.

The 400 year old Star Inn (01638 500275) recently won the Greene King Perfect Pub 2005 competition where pubs were scored on quality, beer, food, friendliness, service, cleanliness, wine and facilities. It is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 2.30pm and evenings from Tuesday to Sunday.

Bus times from Lidgate to Wickhambrook can be found on www.suffolkonboard.com/cc or 0345 606 6171.  Please be aware that there are only 4 or 5 buses a day.

If these notes are confusing or inaccurate or the information is wrong, please let me know. If they are helpful, or if you have any other comments, likewise.

Roger Medley

01440 820551


W.I.Walking Group

The Wickhambrook W.I. Walking Group meets every Wednesday morning at 10am starting from the MSC car park for walks in the village or slightly further afield. We walk for about two hours and cover about five miles, depending on how much chatting is taking place. There are usually six of us, although we have had a dozen occasionally, dogs are welcome too.

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