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12th May 2018 | Suffolk Recorder, Wickhambrook Memories


by Dorothy Anderson, Suffolk Recorder

While working on the refurbishment of Pump Cottage in Coltsfoot Green, local builder Nick Jolland discovered a painted board being used for paneling an understairs cupboard. It is painted, with some skill, with the words ‘Wickhambrook is waking up’

I have been unable to discover what its purpose might have been.

There was a lot of fundraising in the 1940s and 1950s for the Memorial Social Centre and the best guess is that it was for an event there. I did learn that a professional singer who lived at Old High Hall had some theatrical friends who gave advice on the installation of the stage in the hall. Maybe one of them painted it?

I also learned that Pump Cottage was the home of Nurse Williams who donated the famous Sports Cup to the Horticultural Society.

Does anyone out there know of this board and slogan?

Please let me know.
Dorothy Anderson, Parish History Recorder

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