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7th August 2018 | Clubs


article submitted by Sonya Thorburn

Wickhambrook Outdoor Bowls Club has recently received funding from the Parish Council to enable it to support the voluntary maintenance work at the green already undertaken by club members. The club had an extra-ordinary meeting to discuss the use of the funds and a new Chairman and Secretary were elected.

After very many years of service as Chairman of the Club Mr Steve Taylor has stepped down, although luckily he is to remain a member. Steve’s wife Lynda also resigned as Secretary and thanks must go to both for tirelessly working to keep the club running and make use of such a wonderful facility. The green is in a beautiful location with far reaching views which really add to the bowls experience.

The club is pleased to welcome the new Chairman, Charles Townsend to be supported by Sonya Thorburn as Secretary (who some of you may know as previously holding the position of Parish Clerk). The Treasurer, Peter Lister, remains in post as a valuable member of the team.

A big thank you must go to Mr Ian Cummings, the Chairman of the Wickhambrook Carpet Bowls Club, for allowing us to meet the members and encourage everyone to join the Outdoor Bowls Club and keep the Bowls green for everyone to enjoy. Carpet bowls is a great activity for the winter months (although members can play all year round) when it is ideal to be inside the MSC hall and the two clubs are able to complement each other in the village.

Bowls Club Chairman

Address from the New Chairman:

Having only recently moved to Wickhambrook from Hampshire following my retirement, I spent the last thirty years in the motor industry holding various positions, it was a great pleasure to be proposed and elected as the Chairman of Wickhambrook Outdoor Bowls Club.

At the meeting on 27 July I was able to meet existing members and the previous Chairman, Steve Taylor and I soon realised how important it was to maintain and try to increase the membership of the club so that a sport that has been played for centuries in England can continue to be enjoyed in the years ahead.

The sport has been popularised by screening live matches on some television channels and together with the fact that it can be played by the young and old, bowls has no ageism, hopefully we will see different faces on the bowls green supported by the group of very experienced players who currently make up the membership. Look out for the new initiatives we plan to put in place to attract everyone to the Club on the posters around the village and the website and we hope you will all be happy to at least GIVE IT A GO!

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